Little Bits of This and That

A blog for me to post this and that. I haven't been writing long so I hope having this will help me improve! Hope you enjoy! ^_^

Hate Her.

Just something I threw together right now! I wanted something I hasn’t previously written for school on here even if it’s kinda crap

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Another short I wrote for school. Again, not my favorite but it doesn’t end abruptly which is nice. Loosely based/inspired by a trip I took to an island called Daufuskie off the coast of Hilton Head, SC.

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A short I had to write for class one day. Not my favorite, but at least it has an ending!

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Hi guys! So I have this habit of writing out scenes of things. I don’t know why; I’ve never really been able to finish anything past a short story. My dream is to finish a novel but I don’t see that happening any time soon, so for now I wanted to post my shorts on here! Hope y’all enjoy! :)